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Users can easily instal more than 280 free PHP applications. Their support team is based in the USA and is available 24/7.

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Web Hosting HUB Uptime

Uptime Statistics

June 201399.81%0.19%
July 201399.56%0.44%
August 201399.54%0.46%
September 201399.42%0.58%
October 201399.47%0.53%
November 201399.63%0.37%
December 201399.42%0.58%
January 201499.38%0.63%
February 201499.49%0.51%
March 201499.47%0.53%
April 2014100.00%0.00%
May 201499.98%0.02%
June 201499.98%0.02%
July 2014100.00%0.00%
August 201499.98%0.02%
September 201499.98%0.02%
October 2014100.00%0.00%
November 2014100.00%0.00%
December 201499.91%0.09%
January 201599.98%0.02%
February 201599.86%0.14%
March 201599.70%0.30%
April 201599.98%0.02%
May 201599.98%0.02%
June 201599.98%0.02%
July 2015100.00%0.00%
August 2015100.00%0.00%
September 2015100.00%0.00%
October 201599.98%0.02%
November 2015100.00%0.00%
December 2015100.00%0.00%
January 201699.95%0.05%
February 201699.98%0.02%
March 2016100.00%0.00%
April 201699.98%0.02%
May 2016100.00%0.00%
June 201699.95%0.05%
July 2016100.00%0.00%
August 201699.98%0.02%
September 2016100.00%0.00%
October 201699.98%0.02%
November 2016100.00%0.00%
December 2016100.00%0.00%
January 201799.95%0.05%
February 2017100.00%0.00%
March 2017100.00%0.00%
April 2017100.00%0.00%
May 2017100.00%0.00%
June 2017100.00%0.00%
July 2017100.00%0.00%
August 201799.95%0.05%
September 2017100.00%0.00%
October 2017100.00%0.00%
November 201799.98%0.02%
December 2017100.00%0.00%
January 201899.68%0.32%
February 201899.98%0.02%
March 2018100.00%0.00%
April 2018100.00%0.00%
May 201899.98%0.02%
June 2018100.00%0.00%
July 201899.86%0.14%
August 2018100.00%0.00%
September 2018100.00%0.00%
October 2018100.00%0.00%
November 2018100.00%0.00%
December 2018100.00%0.00%
January 201999.98%0.02%
February 2019100.00%0.00%
March 2019100.00%0.00%
April 2019100.00%0.00%
May 201999.98%0.02%
June 2019100.00%0.00%
July 2019100.00%0.00%
August 201999.98%0.02%
September 201999.98%0.02%
October 2019100.00%0.00%
November 201999.00%1.00%

Total uptime: 99.91%
Total downtime: 0.09%
Note: Uptime stats are not real-time, they are updated every 24 hours.

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Web Hosting HUB Reviews

Our Review Of Web Hosting HUB

Web Hosting HUB allows to host unlimited websites under one hosting account. While internet marketers may appreciate free AdWords and Yahoo/Bing advertising credit, developers may like advanced security which can be achieved thanks suPHP.

If you are native English speaker and prefer to use phone support instead of ticketing system, you may enjoy the fact they use 24/7 US only support. If you have hosted your website with another large hosting company in the past you have probably noticed that many companies outsource their phone support, the staff members are usually from developing countries and sometimes do not understand everything. However, this is not the case of Web Hosting HUB.

Other good reasons to give them try are 90 days money back guarantee and website builder. The use of the website builder is included in the price of the web hosting plan. This way, you can easily create your website even if you do not know anything about HTML without paying for a web designer.

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Scam Reports

There are no scam reports regarding Webhostinghub.com so far. If you believe Web Hosting HUB sucks or if you have positive experience with them please share your experience with us using the contact form

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