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HostPapa provides unlimited green web hosting which is powered by 100% renewable energy sources.

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HostPapa Uptime

Uptime Statistics

June 2013100.00%0.00%
July 2013100.00%0.00%
August 2013100.00%0.00%
September 2013100.00%0.00%
October 2013100.00%0.00%
November 2013100.00%0.00%
December 2013100.00%0.00%
January 2014100.00%0.00%
February 201499.98%0.02%
March 2014100.00%0.00%
April 201499.95%0.05%
May 2014100.00%0.00%
June 2014100.00%0.00%
July 2014100.00%0.00%
August 201499.98%0.02%
September 2014100.00%0.00%
October 2014100.00%0.00%
November 2014100.00%0.00%
December 2014100.00%0.00%
January 201599.95%0.05%
February 201599.93%0.07%
March 2015100.00%0.00%
April 201599.95%0.05%
May 2015100.00%0.00%
June 2015100.00%0.00%
July 2015100.00%0.00%
August 2015100.00%0.00%
September 2015100.00%0.00%
October 201599.93%0.07%
November 2015100.00%0.00%
December 201599.98%0.02%
January 2016100.00%0.00%
February 201699.95%0.05%
March 2016100.00%0.00%
April 201699.98%0.02%
May 201699.98%0.02%
June 201699.98%0.02%
July 2016100.00%0.00%
August 2016100.00%0.00%
September 2016100.00%0.00%
October 201699.98%0.02%
November 2016100.00%0.00%
December 2016100.00%0.00%
January 2017100.00%0.00%
February 2017100.00%0.00%
March 2017100.00%0.00%
April 2017100.00%0.00%
May 2017100.00%0.00%
June 2017100.00%0.00%
July 2017100.00%0.00%
August 2017100.00%0.00%
September 2017100.00%0.00%
October 2017100.00%0.00%
November 2017100.00%0.00%
December 2017100.00%0.00%
January 201899.72%0.28%
February 201899.98%0.02%
March 2018100.00%0.00%
April 2018100.00%0.00%
May 201899.98%0.02%
June 2018100.00%0.00%
July 2018100.00%0.00%
August 2018100.00%0.00%
September 2018100.00%0.00%
October 2018100.00%0.00%
November 2018100.00%0.00%
December 2018100.00%0.00%
January 2019100.00%0.00%
February 2019100.00%0.00%

Total uptime: 99.99%
Total downtime: 0.01%
Note: Uptime stats are not real-time, they are updated every 24 hours.

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HostPapa Reviews

Our Review Of HostPapa

HostPapa is one of those web hosting companies which use renewable energy for their servers. So if you care about the environment you may check out their web hosting plan.

They have introduced all-in-one hosting package which is suitable for most internet projects and business websites. You are not limited with the disk space and bandwidth which you can use. You can also host unlimited domains with your HostPapa hosting account. They also have a solution for resellers.

You will never miss an email with their catch all email accounts. How do the catch all accounts work? Let's say you have a domain name somewebsite.com and you create an email account yourname@somewebsite.com. When somebody misspells the fist part of your email address, you will still receive the email (e. g. if the sender by mistake sends an email to anothername@somewebsite.com).

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Scam Reports

There are no scam reports regarding HostPapa.com so far. If you believe HostPapa sucks or if you have positive experience with them please share your experience with us using the contact form

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